Leadership White County - 2014 Give Now
As a professional advisor ~ an attorney, CPA, trust officer, financial planner, or
insurance professional ~ you can count on WCCF to provide resources, services and
giving options tailored to help you meet your clients’ goals and needs.  We are here
to help you help your clients fulfill their philanthropic wishes, integrate charitable giving
into their planning, and maximize tax benefits along the way.  

We always encourage our donors to consult their professional advisors when
considering a significant charitable gift to the Foundation.  We envision ourselves as
one of several valuable partners in the client’s charitable journey, and we are honored
to work with you to maximize your donor’s charitable intent.
How can I recommend charity without recommending a specific charity?
   Professional advisors often want to encourage charitable giving and its
    many benefits, but also want to avoid recommending a specific charity.  
   There is a simple solution:  the White County Community Foundation,
    which can serve your client’s multiple charitable interests.   

How can the Foundation help me with my client’s charitable intent?
    The Foundation is a single, trusted, worthy vehicle through which your
    clients can address the charitable issues they care about most.  We
    offer a variety of giving options [see Types of Gifts], which indeed
    expands the conversations you can have with your client.  An endowed
    gift to WCCF can support a specific nonprofit agency(ies) or field(s) of
    interest to the donor.

   The Foundation provides due diligence for all of the funds it supports,
    ensuring that donors’ gifts are managed to maximize the positive impact
    of their gifts while minimizing tax burdens ~ always in respect of the
    donor’s original intent.

   Here are some of the resources we offer you and your clients:

Donor fund agreements that address your client’s specific charitable
goals.  These are official legal documents written by a nationally-
recognized legal firm.  There is no charge for setting up these

Accurate bequest language for estate planning

Access to charitable gift planning (tax/financial) scenarios you can
provide your client

Information and guidance on charitable needs and opportunities in
White County

Links to professional resources and area organizations

WCCF is pleased to partner with you to offer your clients a unique way
~ through a single gift ~ to impact lives forever.
Partnering with WCCF