Leadership White County - 2014 Give Now
Types of Funds
Unrestricted Funds.  Unrestricted gifts to the Foundation can be used to
address ever-changing community needs, including future needs that often
cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. An unrestricted gift
allows flexibility to address a wide range of charitable opportunities
~ arts and culture, community and economic development, health and
human services, and more.  The Foundation’s Governing Council, which
keeps a pulse on community needs and opportunities, is in charge of
directing grants from these unrestricted funds.

Field of Interest Funds.  What is your charitable field of interest?  Literacy?  
The arts?  Youth?  Education?  Historical preservation?  You can pick an area
or areas of interest, and the Council will award grants from your fund to
agencies and programs in those fields.  

Designated Funds.   As its name implies, you designate your gift to support
a specific nonprofit agency – for example, your church, the senior center, an
educational institution or library, the food pantry, etc.  Annually, WCCF
disburses a grant from your fund to your chosen organization.

Donor Advised Funds.  With this type of fund, you can be involved in your
fund’s grantmaking process.  You may serve as an ‘advisor’ to the fund,
offering recommendations for grants to address charitable needs and issues
you care about.  Your recommendations are submitted to the Governing
Council for final approval, and WCCF disburses the grant(s) to your
recommended organization(s).

Scholarship Funds.  You may create a named scholarship through the
Foundation as a way to assist students and honor family, friends or someone
who has made a difference in your community. You may work with the
Foundation to create criteria for the educational scholarship.