Leadership White County - 2014 Give Now
News and Events
WGT 2013 Grant applications are due October 1.  See WGT Grants section
for more information and application.

This year’s WGT Luncheon was held June 14 at the Brandywine Convention
Center in Monticello and welcomed over 200 women committed to the
well-being of our White County women and families. For more about the
luncheon, click on the WGT Luncheon section.

A $1500 grant from the WGT Fund was awarded to the Monticello Public
Library in memory of Beverly Burns McMurray, a member of both the
WCCF Governing Council and the WGT Committee, at this year’s WGT
Luncheon.  When Bev died in December, the family asked that memorials
be given to WCCF to benefit the women’s fund.  Bev was an ardent
supporter of education, libraries, and lifelong family learning, and this
grant will continue that legacy.  Certificates were presented to Monica
Casanova, director of the Monticello-Union Township Library, and to Bev’s
daughter, Shannon McMurray. [click here for picture]

When you visit our local hospital, don’t forget to notice the painting above
the fireplace in the main lobby!  It was purchased at our library’s Broadway
Art Show in honor of our 2011 Women of the Year, each of whom has
contributed  to the medical well-being of our White County women and families.

Women Giving Together sponsors two events every year – an Annual
Benefit/Fundraising Luncheon the second Friday in June, and a Grant Awards
Presentation gathering in November.

WCCF’s Women Giving Together Committee meets typically on the
last Monday of the month at 9:00 a.m. at the Foundation Office.  If
you are interested in serving on this delightful committee, please
contact the Foundation office!