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Young Creatives Nights

Curated and facilitated by Duchamp & Sons alumni, these evenings offer an informal space for 21-28 year olds to meet others, share practice, and discuss thoughts on art, working in the creative sector, and more.

Developed to provide a welcoming and non-hierarchical space for sharing, these events invite you to connect with other early career artists and young people interested in contemporary art.

Format originally devised in collaboration with Duchamp & Sons alumni Mohammed Adel, Saskia Dakin-Chery, Sara Ismail, and Fiona Verran.


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Young Creatives Night – February 2023

A night featuring East London Art Prize Runner up Cora Sehgal Cuthbert who shared more about her practice and took part in a Q+A session.

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Young Creatives Night – November 2022

An evening of conversation between early career artists and young people interested in contemporary art.

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Young Creatives Night – September 2022

A night featuring Gaika and Gloria from the Black owned music, art and creative initiative Nine Nights


Young Creatives Night – June 2022

A relaxed night for young creatives to explore The London Open 2022 together

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Young Creatives Night – April 2022

Muslim Sisterhood co-founder and artist Zeinab Saleh guests

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Young Creatives Night – March 2022

Artist Edie Flowers shares their experience of the creative world in this second Young Creatives Night

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Young Creatives Night – Dec 2021

The inaugural Young Creatives Night featuring guest artist, Curator Pacheanne Anderson