Leadership White County - 2014 Give Now
Grant Guidelines
All WCCF grants are awarded to serve charitable purposes only.  Typically, grants
are awarded only to registered 501c3 organizations or other public entities (such
as schools) that qualify under IRS guidelines.

WCCF funds projects in the following categories,
with the goal of responding to community needs.

EDUCATION – Projects that develop the untapped capacities of
          individuals of all ages, families or communities

HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES – Projects that can achieve a
          positive change in the conditions that adversely affect the
          elderly, disabled, or economically disadvantaged

RECREATION – Projects that create or expand family-oriented
          leisure time opportunities

ARTS AND CULTURE – Projects that encourage and stimulate the
          arts and historic preservation

          an increased level of volunteerism, development of human
          capital, new leadership, increased county-wide cooperation,
          and economic development

ENVIRONMENT – Projects that will help protect or enhance the
          environment that must support our life systems over the next
          century and beyond

We are particularly interested in innovative approaches to solving community problems
and maximizing unexpected opportunities.  The Foundation will show preference for
funding areas such as start-up costs for a new or expanded project, one-time projects
that address a critical need, capital improvement projects that are beyond an applicant’s
means, and leveraged funding that will enable applicants to obtain matching funding from
other sources.  

WCCF may also, from time to time, identify other specific areas for special consideration
when emerging needs in our county require extraordinary attention.  


Priority is given to projects that:

1.  Reach as many people as possible.
2.  Identify and address an immediate community need.
3.  Improve the ability of the organization to serve the community over the long term.
4.  Serve the White County area.
5.  Are run by non-profit organizations.
6.  Evidence fundraising from sources other than WCCF as well as support from within the
requesting organization.


Foundation Policies preclude funding the following from “unrestricted funds:”
•  Individuals
•  Projects outside the geographic boundaries of White County, except where joint funding
    from multiple geographic areas will be of significance to White County residents
•  Projects that are normally fully funded by units of local government.
•  Projects to fund an endowment, ongoing operating budgets, existing deficit, debt
    reduction, or multi-year, long-term funding for projects.
•  Religious activities or programs that are serving or appear to serve predominantly one
    denomination and not the community at large.
•  Special events such as parades, festivals and sporting activities.
•  Political organizations or campaigns.
•  National and State fund raising efforts.
•  Projects that indicate discrimination.

The White County Community Foundation can only fund a portion of the grant requests
received.  In some instances, well-developed proposals which fall within our guidelines may
not be funded due to prior funding commitments.  We invite you to keep abreast of the
Foundation’s guidelines and resubmit requests when appropriate.