Leadership White County - 2014 Give Now Types of Funds
Benefits for Donors
It’s easy and convenient to donate to or establish a fund.  One gift (during life
or through an estate) can benefit several worthwhile projects through unrestricted
funds or through a fund or funds of the donor’s choosing.
The Foundation is a permanent part of the community.  A contribution will provide
charitable benefits indefinitely since fund principal is retained, and generally only
earnings are used for grant making.
There are several types of funds that can be set up by a donor, and many types of
assets may be used to start or add to a fund.  Funds may be designated for a specific
purpose or organization or set up with no restrictions on how the money is used.
Tax Benefits
Contributions to the Community Foundation qualify for maximum deductibility under
tax laws.  
Annual independent auditing and filing of tax returns, together with a carefully selected
volunteer board, ensure the use of public funds for the public good.  Donations will
always be used in accordance with the donor’s intent.
The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette, of which your White County
Community Foundation is an affiliate, complies with the rigorous
established by the Community Foundation National Standards Board, a supporting
organization of the Council on Foundations.
Donors may choose to remain anonymous when donating to or creating a fund,
or, for example, to have their identity or gift revealed only after their death.  
The Foundation will only share information authorized by the donor.