Leadership White County - 2014 Give Now
Grants Awarded
Have you visited the 4-H Building in Reynolds, the Wolcott House,
Burnettsville Beehive or Depot, the Buffalo Boy Scout Camp
swimming pool, or the Monticello Senior Center?  

All were renovated with grant dollars received from Lilly
Endowment GIFT Challenge grants in WCCF’s early years.   
Each year, grants generated from WCCF funds make a significant contribution to the
   well-being of our community.  
Some of these grants are awarded from funds created by individual donors, earnings
   from which are distributed as grants according to the wishes of the founding
   contributors.  They help feed the hungry, educate our children, engage our
   community, and inspire our creativity.  These thoughtful donors and their generous
   gifts to our community are listed in our annual reports [link].  
Grants also are awarded from unrestricted and other funds, under careful review and
    oversight by the WCCF Governing Council.
A $20,000 donation from WCCF helped launch Ivy Tech’s White
County Instructional Center.
Habitat for Humanity volunteers use a trailer purchased with WCCF
community grant dollars for on-site storage of construction
Junior Achievement classes are an invaluable resource for our area
students; several WCCF grants have supported purchase of curriculum
and materials for these character-building, educational programs.
Women Giving Together Fund grants have been used to purchase a
new phone system as well as additional medical equipment for the
Family Health Clinic in Monon, which serves our county’s uninsured
and under-insured.